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This is the official web site for local studies and storm reporting on the tri-state area from weather expert and Jersey Shore native, Rick Cuttrell.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information attainable, Rick interprets various computer model data issued throughout the day. He also provides up to date information on pending and on-going storms utilizing surface observations and radar. While many forecasts are general in nature, Rick provides specific information on the impacts of an approaching storm.

With thirty years of observing weather patterns and how they affect local conditions, particularly along the northen New Jersey coastline, Rick has formulated accurate predictions from which emergency and government workers, commuters and vacationers have greatly benefited. His forecasts started as a fax to a list of subscribers, eventually moving to an e-mail list, then a web site. At the request of friends and family, Rick's forecasts have expanded to include information for the New York and Philly metro areas.

In cases where local storms are fast approaching, Rick provides updates as often as every three to four hours.

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